Interior Design
If you desire a complete room make-over or have a home remodel project to tackle then let our professional
Design team collaborate with you to create a custom masterpiece. Our mission is to bring your vision to life by
embracing your requirements and managing the project from concept to strategic implementation.

We are experts at creating beautiful and functional Homescapes
by incorporating key design principles and composition that best
compliments your personal style.  Let us help you create that
harmonious environment you always dreamed  about by making
it a reality.

We will deliver to your specifications, be there every step of the
way and keep your budget on track.  

Call for an appointment and let's get started

Interior reDesign (ONE day make-overs)
ReDesign is the artistic approach of showcasing a home's best features using what you already own.  It is an
affordable way to rejuvenate your home, give it a fresh new look in just ONE day!  How do we reinvent the
space?  We bring together all the decor elements you own to create that designer look but without the designer
price.  The objective is to create balance, style and function by
re-purposing artwork, lighting, area rugs,
accessories as well as reconfiguring your furnishings
or incorporating new elements to create a cohesive and
unified look.  This fresh twist on traditional interior design practices is
eco-friendly as you reuse, re-purpose, and

Your home is an expression of you.  By using your personal belongings in a way to best display all your treasures,
allows us to keep the character of the home intact thereby reflecting your unique personal style.

We use proven design principles and techniques to bring balance by strategic placement of furniture as defined by
the architectural element or focal point of the room.  Furniture placement anchors the room and establishes the
framework with which to build. Then factor in scale of objects, textures, color, lighting, artwork and see for
yourself the amazing transformation.  
It will change your life.

Schedule a consultation today for one room or the entire house!   

Home Staging / Model Home Staging
A form of reDesign but for real estate sale.  Click on Home Staging to learn more!

Mission Move-In  
Let us free up your time by unpacking your boxes and setting up every room in your new home.  We will treat the
process as if it were our own move-in experience…our focus is to get you settled in quickly and hassle free.

We will arrange your furniture, hang artwork, and strategically place accessories to best compliment the form and
function of each space as we transform your new house into a comfortable home!

So, whether it’s one or multiple rooms you would like us to set-up and decorate, we will accommodate your
needs by taking all the stress out of the equation.   All fees are subject to scope and scale of the project.  Call us
today for further details:
(408) 460-1975.

Home Organization
Overwhelmed by how much you have accumulated over the years and don’t know where to start?   Does your
home office need an overhaul?  You’re not alone but the good news is help is on the way!  We take a very
methodical and systematic approach to sorting through your items.  Then we design and develop a system that
best maximizes the use of space by implementing solution based organizational techniques and practices that
transform the way in which you run a household or business.  We can help create storage capacity to make life
simpler by finding items that often get lost or misplaced.

There is far less tendency to procrastinate when you're organized, so overall it improves the delivery and execution
of carrying out all the day-to-day activities.   

Enjoy the benefits of being organized whether at work or at home.  Let us work together to create the perfect
custom storage solution that will fit your lifestyle and the needs of your family to enhance and maximize the overall
utilization and function of the workspace.    The cost is based on scope and scale of the project.  Call today for an
(408) 460-1975.

Color Consultation
Color is a fundamental key element in creating a beautifully executed designed space.  Whatever your décor style,
let us help take the guess work out of the equation by identifying a complimentary color scheme to enhance the
beauty of your home.  Color is a simple and cost effective way to update your space without changing the décor.   

    A splash of color helps set the tone and mood of any living or workspace environment
    so it is one of the most important decisions to make when updating a room.   Let us
    share colorful ideas to help unify the room and add just a sparkle of drama.   

Kitchen & Bath Design
The remodeling process, while exciting, can be overwhelming with so many decisions to make and the many
details to cover.  We take the guess work out of the equation.  Whether you are a DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) type or
plan to hire a contractor, we can offer creative design solutions to take your project from concept to
implementation.  We've partnereddependable and reliable professional resources we can recommend depending
upon the project requirements.  Call today for more details:
(408) 460-1975.

Window Treatment Consultation
Window treatments can really affect a rooms style by adding warmth and drama to create that WOW factor!  
Instantly refreshen a room or jazz up an otherwise plain window by adding color and texture.  We will share with
you different styles, patterns and textures to compliment your decor...dress up a room for a complete look.

We have a highly  are a true one stop shop design firm!

Décor Shopping
Finding time, not to mention figuring out which place to shop for that perfect accessory, artwork or furniture can
be a challenge so let us complete the Homescape by doing the legwork for you.  

Fees are determined by the overall scope and scale of the assignment.  

Holiday and Special Event Decorating  
Set the stage for your holiday gatherings or any special event as we create a
festive design that compliments the theme to delight you and your guests.   So,
whether it’s creating an eye-catching Tablescape or decorating the home filled with
all the holiday sparkle, we can transform the space for any occasion.

Fees for this service are determined by the overall scope and scale of the project.
Contact us today for more details:
(408) 460-1975.
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